Our signature full-service Medicare Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) program provides the resources needed for practices to schedule, conduct and document AWVs without clinic interruptions.

Designed to Make a Difference


  • Increase access for sick care
  • Improve patient engagement
  • Provide more proactive care
  • Capture robust medical history
  • Expand continuum of care needs
  • Enhance brand
  • Add time to schedule


  • Complete 60% of AWVs for seniors
  • Expand care team at no cost
  • Help meet MIPS Quality Measures
  • Streamline work flow and paperwork
  • Grow volume by adding access to calendar
  • Improve bottom-line
  • Satisfy Medicare Advantage AWV

What our Practice Partners have to say

“The prospect of scheduling additional six to ten patients each day was a daunting and improbable plan for our practice. The patient engagement provided by the Briye staff played an integral role with scheduling and helping our practice perform AWVs. We believe that Briye helped all three of our doctors meet the MIPs measures without interruption to our regular workflow.”
- Practice Manager for a Multi-Physician Clinic in Alabama

Meeting Measurable Goals

Increase Number of AWVs
Typically engage 60% of the eligible patient population (typically aged 65+).

Expand Access to Sick Care
See an average of two (2) or more patients for every one (1) AWV — each AWV can take up to 45 minutes.

Increase and Document Quality
Our AWVs typically include an average of 4.5 CPT preventive encounters.

Enhance Continuum of Care
Based on medical necessity and under the physician’s supervision, each AWV may identify an average of ten (10) health risks and result in up to six (6) follow-up appointments – resulting in prevention and enhanced care.

Our comprehensive process...

Coordinated process management ensures clinic readiness
– it’s our investment in your ROI.

  • Physician Resource Library
  • Establish Steering Committee
  • EMR Access/Eligibility Check
  • Training/Clinic Resources

Our comprehensive process...

Effective communication and preparation drive engagement
and positive patient experience.

  • Patient Outreach
  • Letters/Calls
  • Eligibility Check
  • Telephone HRA Interview
  • Appointment Scheduling and Reminders

Our comprehensive process...

Adding value and delivering quality.

  • Care Plan/Chart Check
  • First AWV Encounter/Subsequent Visits
  • Annual Alcohol Screening
  • Annual Depression Screening
  • Advanced Care Counseling
  • Obesity Counseling
  • Annual Cardiovascular Disease Counseling

Our comprehensive process...

Documents for the patient and the practice support program success.

  • Personalized Preventive Plan
  • Practice Report
  • Practice EMR or Clinic Upload

Powered by Briye Connect

Our proprietary platform, Briye Connect, forms the foundational software for Briye Engage. Briye Connect helps practices improve efficiency, meet MIPs measures, and simplify the administrative obstacles related to Annual Wellness Visits. Our system delivers a personalized prevention plan (PPP) for each patient, so a provider can recommend and advise a patient if additional care or prevention is needed. Our solution is ideal for smaller clinics and independent physicians with less than 1,500 patients.

Frequently Asked Questions

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