Briye Engage:
Frequently Asked Questions

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Who Can Perform an AWV

The AWV may be provided by physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and certified clinical nurse specialists. Medical professionals, including registered nurses, health educators, pharmacists, registered dietitians, nutritional professionals or other licensed practitioners, or a team of such medical professionals, working under the direct supervision of a physician, may also provide the AWV, if their state licensure allows them to do all components of the service.

The AWV may be performed in a physician’s office, inpatient or outpatient hospital, skilled nursing facility, critical access hospital or federally qualified health centers.


What is Briye Engage?

Briye Engage is our full-service Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) solution which includes Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) and appointment scheduling by our Patient Engagement Specialists (PES) and AWVs completed by our clinicians at your practice under physician supervision. We also help complete wellness screenings and reporting. Our proprietary AWV software, Briye Connect, provides the foundational technology platform for Briye Engage services.

What is included in a Briye Engage AWV?

Each component of Briye Engage is designed to support a practice (with physician supervision) and provide care excellence through seamless clinic integration. Engage offers:

  • Analysis of your practice’s patient list to help determine patient eligibility for an AWV
  • Patient introductions and appointment scheduling supported by mail, text, and/or recorded clinician voice message
  • HRA phone interviews by our Patient Engagement Specialists
  • Clinical staff to provide on-site Annual Wellness Visits under physician supervision
  • Full complement of reports for each patient visit, including a practice report with audit trail, a preventive health services plan, and a health risk summary

Customization of a Physician Library to help patients consult the right specialists and receive appropriate follow up under your discretion

Who benefits from implementing Briye Engage?

Medical groups and clinics with patients eligible to receive AWVs realize the greatest benefit from Briye Engage. In addition, clinics of any size, especially smaller clinics, benefit from our software only solution, Briye Connect.

What do you require to implement Briye Engage in a clinic?

To implement Briye Engage, we would need:

  • EMR system access to retrieve patient lists and check eligibility
  • Exam space to conduct AWVs
  • Wi-Fi or internet service to scan and print using our on-site equipment
  • An AWV clinic sponsor, such as the clinic’s Practice Manager, to serve as our care advocate
Why do you need EMR access?

EMR access allows our team to identify patients who are eligible to receive AWVs at a practice. Because we value the confidentiality and sensitivity of patient information, we execute a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with your practice before obtaining EMR access.

How do you determine which patients are eligible for Annual Wellness Visits?

We will review your patient list with you to determine eligibility for AWVs.  A mutually signed Business Associate Agreement grants access to pull only the minimum necessary data required to complete AWVs.  This work may be done either remotely or on-site, depending on the clinic’s technology capabilities.

Who is eligible to receive an AWV?

While eligibility depends on payer rules and conditions, the typical patient eligible for an AWV is a senior citizen; however, some payers provide AWVs for patients age 40 and over.

How do my patients learn about Briye Engage?

Patient education regarding AWVs from your clinic is disseminated to patients in the form of letters, text messages, and recorded phone calls from you, their physician. You approve these multi-channel communications in advance, which we send on your behalf.

How do you conduct Health Risk Assessments (HRAs)?

The HRA interview, the lengthiest component of the AWV, is conducted by our Personal Engagement Specialists prior to the patient’s AWV appointment.  One of our highly trained and compassionate specialists calls each patient to gather the detailed patient history and current health status required for an AWV. Each call is handled with great sensitivity and care, and each session lasts approximately 20-45 minutes.

How are in-clinic AWVs scheduled?

We work with the practice to schedule AWVs and help ensure patients are seen with minimal disruption to the practice’s normal operations. We provide the practice a schedule to coordinate patient flow.

How does the patient benefit from an AWV and resulting Personalized Preventive Plan (PPP)?

Briye Engage patients receive a PPP, approved by his/her physician, for future wellness and preventive measures. By interacting with our staff and following physician advice, patients can focus on wellness, help prevent disease and progression of chronic conditions, and improve their overall wellbeing.

After completing an AWV for my patient and determining he/she may need care from another provider or specialist, what do I do?

You can indicate the appropriate follow-up or specialist care plan, if medically necessary, through the Physician Library provided on the patient’s Personalized Prevention Plan (PPP).

How much time does Briye Engage require for my staff to maintain?

This depends on your practice and how it operates. Ideally, after Briye Engage launches, our Engage specialists will help your practice complete in-clinic AWVs, including AWV staffing. So, our solution can actually help your practice save time for your clinical professionals.

I’m already performing my own AWVs. Why do I need Briye Engage?

Many practices are not able to dedicate the time and resources to handle the administrative complexities required to complete AWVs—from conducting HRAs to clinical engagement. By assigning this function to our Patient Engagement Specialists, nurses and our Briye Engage team, we help facilitate comprehensive AWVs under your supervision.

We have a small waiting room. What kind of space do I need to accommodate additional patients and personnel for AWVs?

Because we conduct HRAs by phone, we complete the HRA before a patient visits your clinic. On average, in-clinic AWVs last approximately 30 minutes and are scheduled in 45-minute intervals to prevent waiting room congestion.

Is my practice reimbursed? And how does Briye invoice my practice for its services?

Payer rules, your practice’s documentation, coding, and claim submission accuracy determine how you are reimbursed. Briye provides a face sheet, documenting patient visit for your review, coding, and claim submission. Monthly Briye Engage administrative service fees are based on the number of patients who receive a Personalized Prevention Plan, without regard to a practice’s reimbursement, and are provided on your monthly invoices.

How do you choose your Wellness Clinicians?

Our clinicians are carefully interviewed and selected by Briye for your clinic. You will meet and approve of these clinicians before they see patients in your clinic, plus we conduct background checks. Briye clinicians are caring, credentialed, and highly trained.

How long will it take to implement Briye Engage in my clinic?

The average start-up from contract to patient visits is 30 days.